The Race

Garbage thrown in the park wake up every morning to a tournament about crossing the finish line first. They couldn’t declare a winner since the beginning of time… until this very morning. – comedy

the one

We yearn for company. We are longing to belong to somewhere, someone, something. And… at the same time… we can get to the decision that we can be more. More than anyone… and it matters no more what’s the other one to us. – war movie drama

Get used to it

After snitching the most valuable Hungarian national treasure of the 21st century, three not too brilliant but resolved mind look for the next legitimate owner. – crime flick


If you are a bad teacher, better fear the spirit of the school. It watches and balances the bill. – comedy

The business is

Everyone always need something. Always missing something that I think other people can give me. This often imagined need is the basis for every business. Petra and Armin decide to get what they need, in exchange for what others believe they need. They work together. That need could be anything. […]